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Using Google Analytics on your Sports Blog Net blog

By admin | Sep 9, 2009

So you’ve signed up for a Sports Blog Net blog and you’ve been posting away, and now you want to see how many people come to your blog and read your posts.

The best way to see and analyze stats from your blog is to use Google Analytics.

Through this step-by-step tutorial, I will go over exactly what you need to do to get Google Analytics working on your Sports Blog Net blog.

This tutorial assumes that you have signed up for a Sports Blog Net blog already, if you haven’t, sign up here, and then come back and follow the rest of the tutorial. This tutorial also assumes that you do not have a Google Analytics account already.

Let’s Get Started…
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How to get More Readers to your Sports Blog

By admin | May 21, 2009


This article was originally posted over at Union Sports Blog:  A Collaborative Sports Blog a part of Sports Blog Net

With all the new blogs that have come aboard on SportsBlogNet over the last couple of months I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on how to get more readers to your site. Just writing posts isn’t going to do it. Yes, you have a community of readers on SportsBlognet but at this point in time we are small but growing. To get the full benefit out of blogging you will need to promote your site outside of SportsBlogNet.

There are a couple ways of doing this.

1. Submitting your Articles: Here is a good post on Submitting your articles to Sports Sites

2. Linking to other sites: This is very easy. Many of the best Sports Blogs link out to other sites and if you link out to small blogs I can gurantee they will come to your site because everyone loves getting a link to their site. Example: The Big Lead does a roundup every morning and they post a bunch of links with a hot chick. IMPORTANT: Make sure you find smaller blogs to link to. The bigger ones won’t care and don’t have time to come read your site. Also, don’t bother linking to Espn or any other big site unless you have to. There won’t be any benefit to your blog if you do this.

3. Social Networking: Make sure you are promoting your posts on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account get one. If say for example you are writing a Brewers Blog you can use the twitter search and search “Brewers Fan” . Then you can follow all people that come up in that search since you are targeting Brewers Fans. TheRopolitans have done a great job of utilizing Twitter and use their twitter polls to drive people to their site.

4. Forums: Are you a part of any Sports Forums? Promote your stories there. Don’t just join forums to post articles as they will ban you for sure. Make sure you become a quality member of the forum before you start posting links.

5. Link Bait: This is a tough one. You need to be very creative. You need to think of the future, target a top blogger, be creative, or do some research. You want to write something that will give all the top blogs no choice but to link to you. Obviously a player review or a game recap is not going to cut it. This needs to be very original. Today Deadspin linked up No Guts No Glory because they found out Notre Dame ommitted proof of Charlie Weis’ losing season in their 2009 spring prospectus.

6. Interact: Make sure you join the conversation especially here at sportsblognet and other blogs that you like. They won’t mind if you leave a link to your site as long as you are making good comments. Smaller sports blogs love to see comments on their sites.

Here are some of the new blogs that have joined SportsBlogNet:

Heights Sports Corner

Alex Gasick

3 Young Fans: A Milwaukee Sports Blog


WordPress MU 2.7 and Buddypress RC-1 – New Blog Getting Started Manual (Sports Blog Net)

By admin | Feb 20, 2009

For a PDF version of the Sports Blog Net – Getting Started Manual click here

Congratulations on starting your Sports Blog Net blog, here are a few things to do to set-up the blog the way you want it.

First, let’s get your profile up and running…

After you login, either, from the red menu bar on , or from http://(yourblogname), you should be taken to your profile page.


The first thing you should do is change your password to something that you like and remember.

Under “ME” -> click “Settings” and you should be in “General Settings”. Type in your desired password in both boxes and press “Save Changes”.

Now, if you have not entered some details about yourself and uploaded an avatar, would be a good time to complete those things let our community know who you are.


Go to “My Profile”-> click “Edit Profile” in order to enter details about yourself.
Go to “My Profile”->click “Change Avatar” in order to upload or change your avatar (make it a picture of yourself or a logo representing your blog. This will be the image that’s used on our main site, which is what people will associate with you and your blog). There are two avatars that you are cropping your image for, a thumbnail version and a full version.

Now onto setting up your blog…
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Websites to help promote your Sports Articles

By admin | Feb 12, 2009

1. Yardbarker

2. Ballhype

3. Digg

4. Mixx

5. Yahoo Buzz

6. Faniq

7. Ultimate football Network

8. Stumbleupon

9. Propeller

All these sites allow you to submit articles.  Keep in mind that most of these sites are social networks so you want to make friends with other people on these sites as they are the ones that end up reading your articles.  Make sure you promote other peoples stories as they will be more likely to promote your stories in return.  Even if you don’t end up getting traffic from these sites you will still receive quality back links that will help you rank higher in Google.

How to Change the Name of your WordPress Blog

By admin | Feb 12, 2009

1.  Login to WordPress

2.  Go to the Bottom Left and Click “Settings”

3. At the top you will see Blog Title.

4.  Just type a new Name in and click “Save Changes”

(Remember this only changes the name of your blog and not the domain.  If you want to change the Name and the Domain, you will need to setup a new blog)

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