Independent Video Game Record Label GameChops releases new album in their Poké Tape series, featuring remixes of Pokémon music by lofi artist Helynt

The folks over at GameChops have released the latest album in their Poké Tape series, which spotlights individual artists and their unique perspectives on their favourite Pokémon music. Poké Tape 3 features the work of Italian lofi and synthwave producer Helynt, utilizing a blend of guitar and smooth lofi beats. The album comprises remixes of a variety of songs from the 2nd to 5th generations of Pokémon main series games, including music originally composed by Junichi Masuda, Gō Ichinose, Hitomi Satō, and Shota Kageyama.
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Pokémon × Kogei: Playful Encounters of Art and Japanese Craft art exhibit opens in Los Angeles in U.S. debut

Following its launch in Japan earlier this year, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, under the supervision of the National Crafts Museum, has brought the Pokémon × Kogei art exhibit to the United States, for a run that is scheduled to last until January 7th, 2024. JAPAN HOUSE, an international gallery which “seeks to foster awareness and appreciation for Japan around the world by showcasing the emerging art of the very best,” reports that the exhibit will feature more than seventy pieces by a variety of Japanese artists, such as metal artist Morihito Katsura. Twenty acclaimed artists’ work is on display now, and pieces will be rotated during the duration of the exhibit. Admission to the gallery is free and can be reserved online, or guests can walk in as space allows.
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Pokémon Air Adventures new Eeveelution-themed jet to connect passengers from the United States and United Kingdom with Japan from August 31st

Following the debut of its Pikachu-themed Boeing 787-9 in June, All Nippon Airways (ANA) revealed late last month that it is launching a second plane in Pokémon livery, which will be decorated with Eevee and its eight evolutions. The new Boeing 777-300ER, which is scheduled to take to the skies on August 31st, is the latest in a series of collaborations between Pokémon Air Adventures and various airlines, bringing a total of seven planes with larger-than-life Pokémon designs to passengers all over the world.
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Style your hair as wildly as your battles! Japanese haircare brand TANTO announces new collaboration with the Pokémon Card Game, in stores August 1st

On July 10th, NAKANO Seiyaku, a Tokyo-based corporation specializing in beauty supplies, announced a collaboration with The Pokémon Company's Pokémon Trading Card Game and their haircare brand TANTO. The collaboration, which will begin starting August 1st, features eight varied originally-designed haircare items that have taken inspiration from the eight types of Basic Energy cards present in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
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Pokémon GO players can now buy some avatar items in real life, as Pokémon Company International reveals new Trainer Gear and Teams apparel collections

Beginning today, Pokémon fans in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom can now purchase two new collections of Pokémon GO-inspired apparel and accessories which are being released exclusively through the Pokémon Center Online. Acording to the press release from The Pokémon Company International, this is the largest Pokémon Go-inspired merchandise launch ever released on Pokémon Center.
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New Paldean Plushies coming to Pokémon Center Japan - Floragato, Crocalor, Quaxwell, and Tatsugiri make official plush debuts

The Pokémon Company has announced a set of six new plushes, which will be coming to Japanese Pokémon Center stores, the Pokémon Center Online, and their online storefront on Amazon Japan. These include plushes for the three Paldean starter Pokémon's middle evolutions, Floragato, Crocalor, and Quaxwell, as well as Tatsugiri's Curly, Droopy, and Stretch forms. The starter evolutions will retail for 2,970円 (roughly $21.10 USD), while the three Tatsugiri forms will sell for 2,200円 (~$15.65 USD).
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Comic-Con International to play host to panel on the past and future of the Pokémon anime, plus other Pokémon-related panels and activities

A press release from The Pokémon Company International earlier today has announced a collection of Pokémon panels and activities that will be taking place at the upcoming Comic-Con International 2023, which is being held later this month from July 20th-23rd. These include a panel on the past and future of the Pokémon franchise, as well as a variety of attractions on the show floor from various manufacturers of licensed Pokémon merchandise.
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Pokémon Bus touring Smyths Toys Superstores across the UK for the May Half-Term

The Pokémon Company International has announced that its special Pokémon tour bus will be touring a selection of Smyths Toys Superstore locations across the UK between May 27th and June 2nd, offering a range of activities to entertain younger fans, as well as a selection of Pokémon merchandise for purchase including several exclusive Pokémon TCG products. The tour will visit Hedge End on May 27th, Milton Keynes on May 28th, Norwich on May 29th, Mansfield on May 30th, York on May 31st, Hull on June 1st, and Leeds on June 2nd.
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Pokémon Center UK and Bear Walker set to launch more Pokémon Skateboards, this time featuring the Johto starters Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile

The Pokémon Company International and Bear Walker are once again partnering for a new series of limited edition Pokémon-themed skateboards. This latest collection, currently available exclusively from Pokémon Center UK, features the three Johto starter Pokémon, Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Each design is limited to a total of 250 units.
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Pokémon Coquelicot theme now available on the LINE app for users in Asia

The Pokémon Company has launched a new Theme for the LINE app called Pokémon Coquelicot, featuring Eevee surrounded by various a plethora of flowers including mimosas, baby blue eyes, and the titular coquelicots. It can be purchased in the LINE shop for ¥370 in Japan, or in other countries at the local currency equivalent of the USD$2.99 price tier.
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Pokémon Center Pop-Up Store returns to ExCeL London for the 2023 Pokémon Europe International Championships

The 2023 Pokémon Europe International Championships will be held from April 14th to 16th at the enormous ExCeL London event center in England, featuring competitions for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet video games, Pokémon UNITE, and Pokémon GO. As with the 2022 Pokemon World Championships which were also held at ExCeL Longdon, a pop-up Pokémon Center store will be available at the event, selling a wide variety of Pokémon products, including a range of items themed around the International Championships.
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Pokémon × Kogei: Playful Encounters of Art and Japanese Craft exhibit debuts in Japan

A brand new art exhibit has debuted in the Japanese National Crafts Museum in Kanagawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. The Pokémon × Kogei: Playful Encounters of Art and Japanese Craft exhibit features the work of 20 individuals, from living national treasures to young rising stars, taking shape as pottery, attire, metalwork, and other Japanese crafts. The exhibit runs from March 21st until June 11th, 2023, excluding Mondays. There are about 70 works, featuring Pokémon from Generations 1-8.
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Funko expands its Pokémon lineup with new Pearlescent Pikachu figure, more Pokémon Pop! vinyl figures to be released throughout the rest of this year

Funko, in collaboration with The Pokémon Company International, has officially released a new pearlescent variant of the 353 Pikachu figure from the Pop! Games subset of Funko's Pop! line of vinyl figures. The figure is the first in a line dedicated to the pearlescent design, all of which will be available exclusively via the Pokémon Center online store in the US, Canada, and UK.
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Pokémon recognised by NPD as Global Top Toy Property of the Year for 2022 at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair

The massive success of the Pokémon franchise has been recognised once again by NPD, with The Pokémon Company International receiving multiple awards last month at Spielwarenmesse, the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. In addition to winning Global Top Toy Property of the Year, Pokémon also won the Europe’s Top Gaining Property Total Toys and Europe’s Top Gaining Property Games & Puzzles awards.
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Live stream for Japan's Pokémon TCG Champions League reveals ex starter set featuring Pikachu and Pawmot, plus plushie Pikachu deck case

As part of today's live stream for the Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game Champion's League, a new ex Starter Set based on Pikachu and Pawmot was announced for the first time. What arguably stole the show however wasn't reveals of new cards from this set, but the appearance of a unique new Pikachu plush deck case. The starter set and deck box will be released together in Japan on March 24th, and can be purchased either separately, for 1,800円 and 1595円 respectively, or together in a special bundle for 3,580円.
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